silos.jpgCabinet has instructed that grain be availed to needy and vulnerable households.

The Minister of Labour and Social Services, Ms Paurina Mpariwa said the intervention will be available through two modalities, namely free food distribution which caters for older persons headed families, households headed by chronically ill persons and those with disabilities.

She said the households are currently being issued with grain vouchers which they use to redeem 50 kilogrammes of grain from GMB village distribution points every month.

The other programme is grain loan scheme whereby food insecure households will be given food vouchers with which they will redeem 50 kilogrammes of grain from GMB distribution points per month.

The households are expected to pay back the grain to GMB at the end of the agricultural season.

She said implementation modalities should be finalised before the end of this month for the scheme to be operational by January next year.