The month of November is deemed a sacred month in the Shona culture.

ZBC News spoke to some traditional leaders in Zvishavane’s Mandava suburb to gather their perspective.

It is in the public domain that the month of November known as ‘Mbudzi’ in Shona is a sacred month.

A traditionalist Mr Edmore Hove who has been in the industry for 18 years concurs it’s indeed a sacred month.

Social media was (yesterday) Wednesday awash with status of people saying jokingly that those who were planning to move in with their spouses, ‘kutizira or kutiza mukumbo’ in Shona, yesterday was the deadline.

Sekuru Hove from the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council said it is indeed a taboo to do ceremonies or rituals during the month of November while Gogo Chipo Gava said those who dare marry during this month risk destroying their relationships within families.

In the Ndebele cosmology, the month of November is not deemed sacred as explained by a culture guru Phathisa Nyathi who said they are 13 lunar months.

While it is open to everyone that November is sacred some professed ignorance about the whole belief.

Traditional leaders say despite its sacredness, they will attend to people seeking medical attention.