von tavaziva.jpgMany have seen the popular TV action drama series “Go Chanaiwa Go”. But who is the man behind the production?

Multi-talented Von Tavaziva, a film producer, actor, editor and director whose works are a must see for those who are into film.

”Go Chanaiwa Go” which is currently on its second season on ZBC Channel 2 has changed the face of the local film industry which had for long not produced an action packed drama.

Forty one year old Von Tavaziva who stars as detective Chanaiwa in the drama is, the man behind “Go Chanaiwa Go”

With the technical expertise from studying Microsoft Systems Engineering, Tavaziva’s work with video editing has landed him success in many television productions such as “The Forgotten Son”, “Thicker than Blood” and “Forty one”.

Tavaziva also features in a ZBC production “Shadows’, which is expected to be on the screens soon.