We all grew up with imaginations of landing that top job in life which would reward us well.

But one man in the Mapanzure area is satisfied he has served his community for over three decades in a humble job.

 They call him Mudhibhisi Lambert.

He mans the local dip tank in Mapanzure.

“It has been 37 years of loyal service to my community,” says Lambert Moyo, the man who ensures cattle are dipped every 2 weeks.

Never mind this is a job which involves cattle, smelly dung and chemical filled water that definitely looks unpleasant, Mudhibhisi Lambert says he loves the whole package which comes with this job.

“One day I will retire and get my pension”, smiles the cattle loving man as he gives his parting words.

In humility, many have not desired to serve but true to the adage, Mudhibhisi Lambert’s story is one that could sum up the saying ‘meekness is not weakness’.