A Mberengwa farmer has turned around his fortunes after venturing into Boer goat rearing project.

The project has proved to be viable and is now benefitting other villagers.

Kgotso is a Tswana name meaning peace.

Mr Kgotso Nkiwane got married to Esnath Dube in 2005 a teacher at Bungwe Primary School and the couple is sending their four children to school courtesy of a viable Boer goat project.

Mberengwa is usually associated with mining as the area does not receive adequate rains.

But the conditions are, however, good for goat farming.

Mr Nkiwane says he started the project in 2017 with only 15 goats but he now boasts of 100 goats after having weaned off others to fellow project starters.

He had to cross-breed Boer goats and Matebele goats from Gwanda and Beitbridge to produce an improved goat specie.

The goats are fed on bangali feed, a type of acacia from the local trees.

“I visited a certain area and developed an interest in the project having realised that in our area they are no goats,” said Nkiwane.

The surrounding community is also reaping benefits from Mr Nkiwane’s enterprising business as they have found something to do while in return getting food for their families.

The family is using goat manure for their horticultural project at their homestead.

Valued at $300, Mr Nkiwane is making a killing as people are flocking his homestead to buy the goats.

But how about security from rustlers?

He is not worried.

There are five vicious dogs to protect the goats from jackals, and of course the other ‘jackals’ in the form of rustlers.