A family with a rare genetic condition is the talk of the Chipinge community as almost all family members give birth to twins or triplets.

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if one may want to also call it.

Being blessed with twins is a common norm for a Chipinge-based family whose rare genetic condition has seen almost every family member giving birth to twins.

Born in a family of 10, Rudo Sithole and all her siblings except one have twins and for her brother it has even gone further to being triplets.

“I believe my giving birth to twins is a result of family genetics where almost all my family members are twins.  People in our village admire us for the rare condition,” said Rudo.

Rudo says there is joy in the doubles, but lamented that the only burden they have is to feed, nurse and raise the children in a decent and respectable way.

“While we were given the rare blessings we are having difficulties in taking care of the family and sending the children to school. We sometimes look for food from bins to feed our six children,” she added.

Rudo’s husband Muzorwa Bodho is equally convinced his wife’s family genetic is contributing to him fathering sets of twins.

For the twins they love and like each other and their hope is for their parents to give them all they need.

“Our parents are failing to send us to school, a situation that greatly disturbs us. We, however, happy to be born twins and we like each other,” the children said.

Author Richard Branson once said: “sometimes miracles come in pairs”.

It is the family’s hopes that their children will receive a touch of miracle to help them live adequately just like other children.

It is important that such families get help to ensure the innocent souls can also realise their dreams.