21st cake president 2012.jpgThe 21st February Movement celebrations held in Mutare over the weekend saw some of the country’s top confectioners giving it their best to express their appreciation to the national icon, President Robert Mugabe, through wonderfully made cakes.

While the focus of attention at the 21st February Movement celebrations at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare was the man who had turned 88, there was no way one could have missed the five huge cakes that towered over the top table.

Two of the cakes depicted Cde Mugabe’s Gushungo totem, the crocodile. President Mugabe is seen in the picture blowing out candles on one of the ‘crocodiles’.

The third cake was a magnificent creation of the Eastern Highlands with its abundant mineral resources, the Pungwe River, human settlements as well as flora and fauna.

Surrounding the huge 88 kilogramme cake were 88 small diamond-shaped boxes containing samples of the bigger cake.

The 4th cake that captured the eyes of many was one depicting Zimbabwe’s prime tourist attraction, the Mighty Victoria Falls, with its features namely the rainforest, the Zambezi River and the bridge distinctly illustrated.

Such creativity was befitting for a man whose legacy has not only towered over the continent, but the world over.