The Nigerian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Janet Bessong Odeka says terrorism is a menace threatening many West African countries.

Ambassador Bessong Odeka was addressing students at the National Defence University in Harare today on Nigeria’s foreign policy.

She also spoke about security challenges facing West Africa, Britain-Nigeria relations and terrorism.

Ambassador Bessong Odeka said unemployment, lack of education and others are contributing to the rise of terror in West Africa.

She said it is also fuelled by some groups that are keen on establishing caliphates or Islamic states in already existing countries and other factors.

Ambassador Bessong Odeka also spoke about Nigeria’s ties with the UK which are cordial saying the United Kingdom is providing youths in Nigeria with education materials to ensure they are not indoctrinated while others are getting jobs.

The region is working together as a task force including Nigeria, Cameroon and others to stop the further spread of terrorism in the region through information sharing and collaboration

Nigeria and other West African countries are faced with the challenge of terrorism which largely came to the fore when more than 100 girls were abducted from their school in the north eastern Nigerian town of Chibok in 2014 by militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

The school was targeted because of the Boko Haram’s opposition to western education which they believe corrupts the values of Islam.