The war of liberation was fought on different fronts collectively. 

Tenzi Nehoreka, a traditionalist cum chief from Mutoko said he played a crucial role in the liberation struggle while saving the lives of the leadership.

The road to independence was characterised by a rough terrain but that did not deter traditionalists from participating in the war of liberation.

Nehoreka trained in Zambia with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga before the duo left for further military training in China.

“I trained with Mnangagwa and Chiwenga in Zambia and i pegged Frelimo bases in Mozambique,” he said.

During the armed struggle, Nehoreka saved the lives of many.

“I saved Chiwenga, Chinomona and some other comrades who were captured,” said Nehoreka.

After noticing the failure to fulfill pledges made by comrades in authority, Tenzi Nehoreka said he approached President Mnangagwa who was then Minister of Justice on the issue.

It was the interfaces which also added salt on the wound as the former first family used the platforms to attack those they thought were against them.

The dismissal of President Mnangawa from Zanu PF and government saw Nehoreka renewing ties with the Mozambican comrades to accommodate the President.

Nehoreka said the humility and courage exhibited by President Mnangagwa makes him a perfect leader since he has seen it all.