cancer.jpgA new hope for patients recovering from stroke ailments has dawned following the launch of a 26 episode television series called ‘Wealth of health’  that seeks to sensitise the affected on ways that can be used to ensure full recovery.

The television series a brainchild of a fully recovered stroke patient Mrs. Dorcas Mushayahembe will seek to highlight issues concerning stroke, how it manifests, how to cope with it, its prevention measures and the way towards recovery.

Mrs. Mushayahembe says the project intends to stimulate participation of all stroke patients and society so that they can overcome the defeatist attitude normally associated with partially paralyzed persons.

The intervention was described by African Rehabilitation Institute Executive Director Dr. Papa Fall Malick as the right decision towards de-stigmatizing the condition among African citizens and sending out a strong message that being paralyzed does not mean a person has become totally inactive.

As a fully recovered stroke patient Mrs. Mushayahembe chronicled her predicament in the television series after suffering a stroke in 2004.


As a true life based series, she says she intends to inspire and give hope to many patients that seem to have given up on getting back to full recovery.