telecel zimbabwe 1.jpgTelecel Zimbabwe continues to defy the country’s indigenisation and economic empowerment policy as it is yet to present its compliance proposal to the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment.

The mobile operator has been dogged with problems over allegations of its unwillingness to comply with the indigenisation and economic empowerment law.

Speaking on the sidelines of the company’s rebranding ceremony, the mobile company’s Managing Director, Mr John Swaim could not give a convincing answer but said they are still working on the programme.

Concern has been raised also over the insistence by the company to engage foreigners for top managerial positions.

Meanwhile, Mr Swaim has expressed willingness for his company to share infrastructure with other mobile phone operators so as to reduce the duplication of duties and wastage of materials which has characterised the sector.

The country has seen mobile operators erecting masts and boosters side by side, a situation observers say is a waste of resources as they can share the expense and use the same infrastructure.