The Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) says as one of the integral unit for the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), they work hand in glove with the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) to conduct combat operations in defence of the nation.

The AFZ said for it to efficiently discharge its duties in its partnership with the ZNA, there is need for technological advancement in aircraft operations by promoting more polytechnic and universities to keep their personnel abreast with the latest communications, engineering and aeronautical technological developments.

In a statement for the ZDF Day commemorations, Commander AFZ Air Marshal Elson Moyo said the organisation will remain seized with advancement in latest military hardware and software to become a formidable force.

“It is common knowledge that technology continues to play a big part in all facets of our lives and AFZ has not been spared in this regard,” he said.

The AFZ is one of the state organs that helps the country to fulfill its mandate and responsibilities in the community of nations through synergies that involve joint exercises meant to promote interoperability in disaster management capabilities.