Economic analysts say the technical and financial capacitation of key institutions like Zimstat is vital in providing a foundation for economic development.

As Zimbabwe charts through a new economic journey aimed at achieving economic recovery and growth, analysts have suggested that key government institutions such as Zimstat should be fully capacitated technically and financially so as to provide reliable and timorous data needed for economic planning.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube has emphasized the need to include Zimstat into the economic cluster, however, it is crucial to ensure that it provides empirical data that is can be used to plan accordingly.

Zimstat has been accused of providing outdated and unreliable data and statistics such as unemployment rate, inflation rate, government debt and other data.

However, Professor Ncube has committed to improve its functional capacity.

“The independence and institutional capacity of Zimstat is a key enabler to proper economic planning hence the need to ensure that Zimstat’s role is strengthened,” he said.

Many in the economic spheres have for a long time objected to the quality and timeliness of data provided by Zimstat.

This therefore means the use of that data for economic planning purposes is flawed and will not achieve the intended results.