cde walter mzembi 21.10.11.pngTeam Tourism Zimbabwe is angry with local authorities for failing to live up to their expectations of maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in towns and cities and returning them to the “sunshine city” status to compliment the aggressive marketing exercise being carried out by tourism teams in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Team Tourism Zimbabwe said the city fathers are not complimenting its efforts in marketing Zimbabwe as a tourist destination of choice, particularly Harare as the sunshine city as seen by their failure to maintain cleanliness in the city.

The complaints come in the wake of old rusty water pipes and heaps of gravel that were left unattended for over six months at the entrance of the Tourism House by city council workers.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Cde Walter Mzembi who instructed Tourism House staff to remove the old pipes and gravel said he is not happy with the shoddy service being provided by local authorities.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Chief Executive, Mr Karikoga Kaseke said the ZTA has for the past six months been trying to engage council officials to remove the rubble and old pipes but to no avail.

garbage.jpgHe called for the re-branding and a change in attitude to work by city council officials to match the aggressive tourism marketing exercise currently taking place throughout the world to lure more tourists into the country.

For some time now the city fathers have been under heavy criticism for providing sub-standard services to residents.

Potholes, uncollected garbage, erratic clean water supplies, burst sewer and water pipes and a very slow emergency response time, are some of the problems levelled against council officials.