pe students.jpgTeachers at Prince Edward High School in Harare have downed tools in protest against the school headmaster’s conduct towards them amid allegations that racism is rife at the institution.

It is alleged that the headmaster, Mr. Kelvin Atkinson is using authoritarian rule on teachers such as crude language when addressing them in front of students.

It is also alleged that when government increased the civil servants salaries in June, the headmaster slashed teachers’ incentives from US$300 to about US$50 without consultations.

The teachers who preferred to speak off camera said those who questioned the headmaster about the incentives were told to ship out.

The teachers also allege that the headmaster is contracting projects to white-owned companies, citing the recent sinking of a borehole at the school.

The teachers also allege that the headmaster is running the school’s uniform shop and the supplier is his colleague.

It is also further alleged that the headmaster has hired a guide and counselling teacher who comes to school everyday and is paid US$35 per hour.

Prince Edward High School is a government-owned institution with an enrolment of 1 200.

Day scholars at the school are paying US$405, while boarders pay US$1 100.