stop_rape.jpgThe trial of a 45-year old Rakodzi High School teacher, Davison Dhliwayo who is accused of raping 5 female victims and robbing 4 of them of cash and valuables, continued at Rotten Row Magistrate courts.

Dhliwayo was remanded in custody to the 28th of May.

The State, represented by Prosecutor Fadzai Kuipa, alleges that Dhliwayo went on a raping and robbing spree in areas surrounding Harare between February 2010 and February this year.

The accused is alleged to have waylaid the unsuspecting female victims into bushy areas before raping and robbing them.

The first victim, a 29-year old woman, gave testimony to the effect that she was followed by Dhliwayo who was riding a red motor cycle along a foot path in Mt Hampden and threatened with a big knife before being subsequently raped once and robbed of her cell phone and money.

In August 2010, Dhliwayo, who was riding a white motor cycle, is alleged to have waylaid a 25-year old female victim near Tsonga Farm in Hatfield before producing a big knife and raping her once.


The other count against the accused arose from an incident in which he is alleged to have waylaid a 20-year old woman near a council park in Harare’s Kuwadzana suburb before raping her twice.

Dhliwayo is denying the charges.

Mr. Simon Rodgers Kachambwa is presiding over the trial which commenced on the 30th of March.

So far the first witness has given her evidence and was cross examined by Davison Dhliwayo’s lawyer, Oscar Hute.