A new feature film, ‘The Lucky Specials’ that seeks to change attitude and behaviour around tuberculosis (TB), has premiered in Harare.

The film premier which was held in the capital, saw stakeholders emphasizing the need for sound information dissemination on TB.

With its dynamic storyline and new brand of African music, the film is set to entertain people while  educating them on TB, says one of the film’s lead actors Sivenathi Mabuya, whose stage name is Sive.

The South African-based actress made her name when she took part in a number of productions that include Sober Companion Series and a soap titled High Rollers.

The Lucky Specials associate producer Regan Alsup says the film produced in South Africa has a strong message presented in an interesting way with power to change perceptions around TB as well as fighting stigma and discrimination.

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease country director, Dr Christopher Zishiri says the production plays an important role in disseminating information on TB, describing the film as one of the important vehicles of communication.

TB continues to be the leading cause of death, especially among people living with HIV and approximately 70 percent of Zimbabweans suffering from TB are co-infected with HIV.