flag_tanzania.jpgTanzania has castigated Western countries for meddling in its internal politics and says such actions will not be tolerated as the country heads for elections in October this year.


With six months left before Tanzania holds its general elections Western countries have started meddling in that country’s electoral process. Tanzania’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr. Adadi Rajabu however says his country will not entertain outside interference as it is a sovereign state with its own laws.


In an interview at the Zimbabwe staff college where he was delivering a lecture on Tanzanian Foreign and Defence policy, Ambassador Rajabu said preparations for the general elections are going on well.


President Jakaya Kikwete will be seeking re-election for a second term. A former German and British colony, Tanzania attained independence in 1961 with Mwalimu Julius Nyerere becoming its first President. Tanzania assisted other Frontline States including Zimbabwe to get independence by establishing training camps for guerillas such as Mboroma, Nachingwea and Mgagao.