chitungwiza town council.jpgControversy continues to rock Chitungwiza Town Council with revelations that the Town Clerk allegedly defied a directive from the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development to stop recruiting workers.


Sources close to investigations into allegations of corruption within the Chitungwiza Town Council say Godfrey Tanyanyiwa employed 65 people, defying a government directive to freeze recruitment.

It is alleged the 65 people are relatives of people whom Mr. Tanyanyiwa ran down in a road traffic accident.

The accident is reported to have claimed five lives and in a bid to pay back to the bereaved families, Tanyanyiwa allegedly offered to employ 65 relatives of the affected families.

Investigations are indicating that most high profile figures acquired properties in Chitungwiza under unclear circumstances and most of the commercial properties are allegedly owned by few individuals.

Meanwhile, Jemina Gumbo the Chitungwiza Town Council Director of Housing who was arrested this Tuesday is still in custody and may appear in court this week.