harare-magistrates-court.03.09.10.jpgChitungwiza Town Clerk, Godfrey Tanyanyiwa has appeared before a Harare magistrate and formally charged on 50 counts of corruption and eight counts of fraud.

Tanyanyiwa was arrested on Thursday last week.

Corruption charges against Tanyanyiwa arose in 2007 when he was still the District Administrator for Chitungwiza and is alleged to have acquired and approved three commercial stands in Zengeza Industrial Area on a single day.

It is further alleged that Tanyanyiwa was in 2011 involved in an accident with his official vehicle, a land cruiser V8, and he is understood to have diverted US$170 000 council funds which were meant to buy pool vehicles to buy another land cruiser V8.

It is further alleged that Tanyanyiwa authorised some of his friends at Chitungwiza council to get cash amounting to US$377 253. Each individual received money ranging between US$10 000 and US$13 000.

Fraud charges against the Town Clerk arose after he purchased a house for himself using council funds.

He is alleged to have misrepresented to the bank that he wanted to withdraw cash from the municipal account to develop stands yet in actual fact he wanted to buy his house in Chisipite.

Tanyanyiwa is further alleged to have sent his emissary from an estate agency to Chitungwiza Municipality and claimed cash which was said to be for developing stands yet he is said to have known that the money was going towards payment of his Chisipite house.

In the process, council suffered a prejudice of US$165 000.

The State was opposed to bail saying the accused is interfering with witnesses as well as tampering with evidence and above all, the State fears for the safety of the accused if he is to be released on bail saying he is under threat from angry rate payers.