umoja.jpgThe search for participants to represent Zimbabwe in the 2012 edition of Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet Festival has started at the Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare.


The search is on for 12 artists to represent the country in the upcoming Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet, a festival which tries to unify and explore cultural diversity through various art forms such as song, dance, drama and poetry among other art genres.

Zimbabwe College of Music Director, Agrippa Sora, said the selection has been exciting as participants are keen to be part of the event which Zimbabwe will be hosting.

“We have opened the auditions, which were open by invitation and to established arts organisations but this year, our selection is unique as it is open to anyone with talent as we prepare for next year when we host the festival,” said Sora.

Deputy Director of the college, Clayton Ndhlovu, who is part of the Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet selection team, said the auditions have had an overwhelming response, citing the biggest challenge as coming up with the final representatives since the 60 shortlisted candidates are gifted with great artistic potential and talent.

umoja dance.jpg“Umoja has been opening doors to youngsters and this first round has received a great number of talented participants. It is unfortunate that we are looking for just 12 [participants], so this proves a challenge to the sieving as they are all good,” Ndhlovu said.

Mozambique, South Africa and Norway are expected to grace the 5 day event, which the country will host under the theme ‘Creating Together,” from the 27th of April to the 1st of May 2012 at the Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare.