zim maize.jpgPeri-urban farmers have been called on to take agriculture seriously as it contributes significantly to the Zimbabwe’s food security and in restoring country’s bread basket status.


The call to take urban agriculture seriously was made in a speech prepared by the late Harare Metropolitan Governor, Cde David Karimanzira and read on his behalf by the Harare Provincial Administrator, Cde Alfred Tome at a field day held at Green Acres Farm in Harare North District.

In the speech, the late Governor had noted government’s wish to restore the country’s breadbasket status in the SADC region and peri-urban farmers should take on the initiative to contribute to the country’s food security.

“Farming should be taken as business and one can make a descent living out of it,” said Cde Tome.

Speaking at the same occasion, the host farmer, Mr. Caleb Mukwiranzou hailed the ZANU-PF initiated black empowerment drive which he said has

The Agritex Officer for Harare North District, Rosalla Ndlovu encouraged farmers to take up peri-urban farming seriously and work together with agriculture experts in order to realise better yields.

The Green Acres farmers, Mr. Mukwiranzou and his wife Sheila said they are expecting a bumper harvest from 15 hectares of maize, 2 hectares of soya beans, 1 hectare of green house tomatoes and 1 hectare of potatoes.