cleanup campaign.jpgPeople with disabilities have been challenged to rise above society’s stereotype and fend for themselves by engaging in self-help projects.


The call was made by the Chairperson of the Tashinga Organisation for the Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe, Ms Gladys Munyukwi at a clean up campaign by disabled people in Harare.

Speaking on the sidelines of the campaign, Ms Munyukwi urged the disabled community to progress from menial jobs like vending and take up more challenging practical projects.

“Remember that ‘disability is not inability’, the disabled should start engaging in bigger projects and not just menial activities such as vending,” said Ms Munyukwi.

Ms Munyukwi called on people in Harare to keep the city clean and said the actual people who need help are those who litter the city.

Various stakeholders have since urged the city fathers to put in place stiffer penalties on people who resort to throwing litter on undesignated places as a way to retain the capital to its sunshine city status.