Young people have been urged to be innovative and take advantage of government programmes meant to empower youth entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation has embarked on a business skills development programme to ensure youths contribute to the national economy.

Speaking during the training session, Deputy Director in the Ministry, Mr Isaiah Mpofu challenged young aspiring entrepreneurs to stand up and be counted in growing the national cake.

“With this programme we want to help our youths to be part of the economy building. We want them to create jobs for the next generation. We are also looking at the potential that they have to help revive Zimbabwe’s economy,” he said.

Young people attending the programme appealed to the business community to partner with them to grow their ideas into viable businesses.

“We have ideas but we need help on how to implement these ideas. I’m an entrepreneur and we want to be part of building this country. These platforms help us to network and get ideas on how we can improve our business,” said one of the youths.

With Zimbabwe envisaging an upper middle-income economy by 2030, young people have an important role to play to realise that vision.