table tennis.jpgInternational Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Vice Development Officer, Polona Susin is in the country to conduct a level-one course for local table tennis coaches and train players on the latest techniques of the game.


ITTF  level-one course targeted women coaches with the aim of bringing them to actively take part in the sport.

Instructed by Slovenia national, Polona Susin, the course which has brought together 19 coaches to Prince Edward School in Harare hopes to nurture mentors who will work towards developing talent within primary schools.

“This course is double barrelled it will have a course for level one coaches then in the last three days it will focus at training senior and junior players on the new techniques in the game.


“In table tennis we take the credit for pioneering the development of women so our main target here was to get more females to come on board as coaches which is what has just happened because we have 10 women and 9 males,” Susin said.

Although the Zimbabwe Table Tennis Federation is yet to set up a national league, table tennis has of late become very active within schools throughout the country and the visit by the  ITTF development officer will prop up the game to new levels.