A Swedish investor has expressed interest in the construction of a sanitation system in Epworth, Harare which will witness tonnes of waste being converted to fertiliser and biogas.

The company, Wolfie Touch sees the investment as an environmentally friendly solution to sewage disposal problems facing the area.

Woflie Touch founder, Mr Ulf Georgson toured Epworth today and was impressed by the investment opportunity.

“An appraisal of the area shows that there is scope for establishing a sustainable waste disposal facility for converting waste to biogas and fertilizer on a large scale,” he said.

The Director of Shiloah Trust, a local partner for the Swedish investor, Stephanie Shiri said there are opportunities for young people to be empowered through the project while Ruwa Local Board Secretary, Mr Wilton Mhanda said council will deliberate on the matter.

Waste disposal is a major challenge for most local authorities. 

Apart from sanitation system investment, the Swedish investor is also exploring opportunities in industrial plastic manufacturing and the textiles sector.