Mt Darwin District Nursing Officer Mrs Anna Chinyemba

Two people have died in Mt Darwin, Mashonaland Central province while 26 have been hospitalised in a suspected cholera outbreak.

One person died on the way to Mt. Darwin District hospital on Sunday while another died at Mt. Darwin district hospital in a suspected cholera outbreak.

Mt Darwin District Nursing Officer Mrs Anna Chinyemba said tests are being carried out to confirm the nature of the disease adding 26 patients with symptoms for cholera have been admitted from Mukaradzi.

“Here we have a problem of people who are sick and vomiting with symptoms resembling cholera. This started on Sunday.  We are carrying out tests to confirm whether it’s cholera,” she said.

Charity Shereni, whose relative is admitted at Mt Darwin District, complained of lack of preparedness at the hospital as patients admitted in the wards have not been separated from the suspected cholera patients.

“There is nothing to show that there is cholera here. My brother who is inside is in the same tent with the (suspected) cholera patients. They should at least set up a tent,” Shereni said.

All the patients with cholera symptoms are coming from an informal mining settlement in Mukaradzi which is home to about 7 000 artisanal miners.

The miners who were evacuated from the area earlier this year as a migratory measure against cholera have returned in large numbers.