mr silas hungwe.jpgThe Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) has expressed disappointment that despite serious food shortages this season there seems to be no commitment to give enough support to farmers involved in winter wheat preparations.

The farmers’ organisation expressed disappointment that service providers who are supposed to guarantee farmers that they will have enough water, electricity, inputs and capital have failed to come up with tangible support mechanisms.

While bemoaning that farmers are yet to receive payments from the GMB for wheat delivered last year, ZFU President Silas Hungwe told ZBC News that farmers are fed up with the same challenges year in and year out, where there seems to be no concerted effort to assure them of  meaningful support from service providers such as ZESA, the banking sector to name a few.

With a sizeable estimate of the country’s total maize crop are a complete write off because of poor rains this year, experts say there has to be an intensive increase in the total yield of the winter wheat crop as a contingency measure.