Parents and guardians have a pivotal role in the development of their children’s sporting endeavours.

For budding athletes, sacrifice and commitment on their part is also mandatory.

Such is the story of the Chapepa family that has two girls preparing to attend the Botswana Open Tennis Tournament this month.

The two girls, 9 year old Kudzai and 6 year old Kuzivaishe Chapepa are set to participate in their first tournament outside the country after some impressive performances in local events despite having enjoyed only two and a half years in the sport of tennis.

Kudzai has taken part in 5 major tournaments this year, winning three of them in the Bulawayo Open, Midlands Open and the Manicaland Open.

The other sibling Kuzivaishe has played three tournaments in her age group, winning two of them.

According to the parents, participating at the Botswana Open juniors championships set for the 27th to the 31st of July is part of a big dream for their daughters to attain the best competition needed to become world beaters like their idols, the Williams sisters.

Their coach at GC Tennis Centre, Thesly Mufunda, believes the siblings have what it takes to scale greater heights in the sport of tennis.

The ZBC News caught up with the sisters during training at the Bulawayo Athletics Club where they poured their hearts out, expressing the passion they have and their desires for success.

With sporting bodies struggling to sustain the financial demands of the development of talent, it is incumbent upon parents and guardians to ensure they also play their part in supporting their children if they are to attain their sporting dreams.