chris mutsvangwa 06-03-11.jpgDiplomat and political analyst, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa says the SADC Summit recently held in Johannesburg, South Africa was a wake up call to the MDC-T that as long as they deviate from sub-regional interests they will not be acceptable to the region.

With the Summit spelling out clearly that the regional bloc will not accept any external interference in the politics of its member states and unanimously agreeing that illegal sanctions in Zimbabwe must go, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said it is time the MDC-T realises that the period of collaborating with external elements is over.

While noting that SADC resolved to strongly take head on interfering former colonisers such as France in the troubled Madagascar, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the message from the Summit was clear to the MDC-T that harbouring ambitions of bringing in Africa’s former oppressors through the back door is not acceptable considering the Pan-African sentiments that prevailed.

“Tsvangirai must tell his constituency the truth, his agenda of working with Africa’s former colonisers will never be accepted because it is against sub-regional interests,” said Ambassador Mutsvangwa.

While the MDC-T’s media and civic society partners sought to portray the party as the winners at the Summit, the dismissal of the Livingstone Troika’s recommendations was a slap in the face for the Western-funded and backed formation whose Eurocentric ideology has cost it friends in the region.