analysts on sadc outcome.jpgPolitical analysts say the SADC Summit recently held in Johannesburg, South Africa stirred the country towards a political discourse where Zimbabweans take charge of their own affairs making MDC-T the biggest loser.

The MDC-T party has always sought to involve external elements whose historic ties with Zimbabwe are of an oppressive nature.

Political analyst, Dr Tafataona Mahoso says the MDC-T was exposed at the Summit for waging war against Zimbabwe’s security and foreign policy and got spite in the face after SADC refused to discuss the issue of security reforms.

“The MDC and its media and civic society partners have been waging war on the country’s foreign and security policy. They lost out after SADC did not even discuss security issue reforms,” said Dr Mahoso.

Legal expert, Advocate Martin Dinha noted that the Summit whipped the MDC-T back into line and gave no room for cheap politicking at a time when the Western sponsored formations still harbour ambitions of bringing in Africa’s former oppressors through the back door.

“It is up to them to tell the correct position that SADC spelt out and stop lying to themselves and the people,” Advocate Dinha said.

Diplomatic and political analyst, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa says it is time the MDC-T realises that the period of collaborating with external elements is over.

“ It is time for Tsvangirai to get his act together and be honest with his handlers, SADC will not accept anyone who works in cahoots with the former colonisers of this region,” said Ambassador Mutsvangwa.


The Summit spelt out clearly that the regional bloc will not accept any external interference in the politics of its member states and unanimously agreed that illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe must go.