liberation mvts 11.08.11.jpgThe summit of former liberation movements which are now governments in Southern Africa, ended in Windhoek with leaders calling for and consolidating the relations of the six parties.

The leaders agreed to establish a technical team consisting of representatives from each party to ensure implementation of past, present and future resolutions of the liberation movements.

They also agreed to collaborate with African Union and UNESCO for the establishment of African Heritage life on the sidelines of the summit.

The leaders also called for the removal of the illegal sanctions on people of Zimbabwe.

They also agreed to the expansion of the ownership of The Southern Times which is jointly owned by Zimbabwe and Namibia to other former liberation movement governments.

The leaders also appealed to more interaction between sister parties and the attendance of events of sister parties such as the women’s league and the war veterans.

They finally renewed their commitment to the spirit of solidarity in the improvement of the lives of their people.


The former liberation movements attending the summit include ANC of South Africa, FRELIMO of Mozambique, MPLA of Angola, Chama Chamapinduzi of Tanzania and Zanu PF.