The US$800 maintenance default trial for sungura musician Sulumane Chimbetu went ahead despite evidence that he paid the arrears yesterday.

Cornwell Mutevhe who represents Chimbetu made a spirited attempt to convince Harare Magistrate, Ms Enny Ndiraya not to proceed with the default inquiry trial as there was confirmation of receipt of a payment made yesterday.

However, state prosecutor Mrs Devoted Nyagano would have none of it insisting that the sungura musician should first alter his plea from not guilty to one of guilty rather than the state to withdraw charges.

The matter proceeded to trial after the court ruled it had no powers to compel the state to withdraw charges and it was postponed to the 20th of this month when Chimbetu will be cross examined.

Meanwhile, the matter in which Nathan Munaba was dragged to court by business woman Nighert Parween Savania over the alleged fraudulent forging of annual company returns and special resolutions over shares worth US$140 000 in Norwich Trading Company has once again been stalled from kicking off after the defence made a fresh application.

The state accuses Munaba of having forged documents on the 29th of October 2014 purporting that Savania had surrendered her issued share capital in his favour.

After falsifying the said documents the accused is further alleged to have lodged fake papers with the Registrar of Companies and proceeded to report that he had lost original title deeds to Savania’s house in Greystone Park.

He is further accused of proceeding to mortgage the house with Stanbic Bank where he allegedly acquired a loan for US$140 000.

Dumisani Mthombeni the defence lawyer is accusing the state of refusing to provide his client with documents in his favour in violation of the client’s rights.

Regional Magistrate, Mr Elijah Makomo postponed the matter to Friday the 15th of this month for continuation where the state is expected to respond.