sudan map.jpgThe Sudanese representatives to Zimbabwe say there is need for people from both the north and south to work together in ironing out sticky issues such as border lines so as to ensure a peaceful transition.

With preliminary results of the referendum already indicating the birth of a new state in Southern Sudan after 99.57% of the people voted for secession, both Sudan’s ambassador to Zimbabwe and the Southern Sudan Liaison Officer in the country say there is need for all Sudanese to work together to iron out outstanding issues such as border disputes and oil plants.

Sudanese ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Elsidieg Abdala said there is need to have a holistic approach in dealing with outstanding issues in a peaceful manner that will not plunge the two states into yet another civil war.

Southern Sudan representative and Liaison Officer to Zimbabwe, Mr. Samuel Lominsuk Luate said South Sudan will not isolate nationals from the north when the new country declares independence on the 9th of July when the 2005 Nairobi Peace Agreement expires.

Mr. Luate added that one of the major issues which needs help from African nations is the border lines, especially the Abir region which he says must be looked into with conformation to the Nairobi Agreement.

Both rebel groups in Sudan have agreed on working together in ironing out outstanding issues.

People from Southern Sudan went to the polls on the 9th of January in a historic referendum where they chose to become a separate sovereign state.