barnaba benjamin.jpgThe visiting South Sudan Minister of Information, Mr. Banabar Benjamin says there is need for the continent to assists both the governments of South Sudan and Northern Sudan on pending post referendum issues that could cause yet another war if not handled peacefully.

Mr. Benjamin says although his country is on the verge of celebrating its independence on the 9th of July, the African community must assist both South Sudan and North Sudan for a smooth political transition in addressing post-referendum issues.

Minister Benjamin said the Abiye Dispute still stands since a decision still has to be made on whether the state which provides 10% of the 80% oil revenue will be reengaged to South Sudan after it had been colonised by Northern Sudan in 1905.

The distribution of oil is another outstanding issue which will be put on the table. The South Sudan which has been getting 50% of the oil revenue from North expects to take full ownership of its oil fields when the peace deal expires on the 9th of July when the new state celebrates its independence.

The minister said his country is yet to decide on how the oil revenue will be shared as the South Sudan still relies on the North’s infrastructure.

The historic independence of Sothern Sudan which comes after decades of war will be a cause of celebration for Africa but the African Union’s intervention is necessary to avoid another war.