koukis -sudan.jpgSudanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr. Elsiddie Abdalla says his country and Zimbabwe should support  each other on the international forum since they are the only two African Nations who are grappling with illegal sanctions imposed by Western nations. 


Ambassador Abdalla said this after he and the ambassadors of Spain and Greece had paid courtesy calls on Vice President Cde John Landa Nkomo at his Munhumutapa Offices.


The Sudanese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Elssidie Abdalla who has been in the country for the past seven months met Vice President Nkomo to appraise him on the last elections that were held in Sudan and the referendum that is expected to be held early next year.



Ambassador Abdalla said with Sudan and Zimbabwe sharing the same experiences of having to deal with illegal sanctions imposed by the West, the two countries are working on strengthening economic and political relations.


“Zimbabwe and Sudan are in the same boat of illegal sanctions and it is important for the two countries to share ideas regularly. We also need to know how to support each other  when denouncing the illegal sanctions. I hope our relationship will continue to grow especially economically and politically” said Mr. Abdalla.


Spanish Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Pilar Fuertes Ferragut was however the first to call on Cde Nkomo and took the opportunity of briefing him of progress made by the European Union since her country took over the Presidency in January.


Speaking soon after emerging from the meeting Ms Ferragut said it is too early for Spain to comment on the review of sanctions but added that she is happy with progress made under the global political agreement.


“I have noticed that some issues have been implemented, some are still being implemented while others are still to be implemented and if the Zimbabwean people are happy then we welcome that. It is too early for spain to talk about restrictive sanctions and how the EU will deal with the issue since we took over the presidency a few months ago,”said Ms. Ferragut

Greece’s ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr. Mihail Koukakis who completes his tour of duty also visited Vice President Nkomo to bid him farewell. He also talked about Zimbabwe’s hospitality.

“I particularly enjoyed my stay here. The hospitality is amazing and its very unfortunate that I have to leave early. I hope my country will recover from the economic relapse and my country and Zimbabwe have always maintained very good relations,said Mr.Koukakis.


Mr Koukakis is retiring from the Diplomatic service after 35 years and has served in Zimbabwe for two and half years. He expressed optimism that the economic downturn which his country is currently experiencing will soon be rectified.