tollgate narrow.jpgThe Ministry of Public Works says there is need to institute full scale investigations into the continued construction of sub-standard toll gates structures in some parts of the country.

While stakeholders in the construction industry have raised concern with the Ministry of Transport Communications and Infrastructural Development over the standard of toll gates being built across the country, the national programme has continued unabated. The Ministry of Public Works is now questioning why this has not been reviewed.

Deputy Minister of Public Works, Senator Aguy Georgias,  says the nation cannot afford to waste precious resources in the construction of sub-standard structures. Senator Georgias urged the Engineering Council to participate fully in the evaluation of the structures.

“We cannot not have a situation whereby critical ad scarce resources are wasted on structures that would be re-built in future. Its a national programme and as a ministry we are really concerned,” said Senator Georgias.

Engineering Council of Zimbabwe Chairman, Engineer Dawson Mareya concurred that the structures are not satisfactory hence the need for proper monitoring of the national projects which a funded by treasury.

”As a council we were not involved in the construction but we feel that there is urgent need to review what has been happening,” said Mareya.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works has announced that the Engineering Council Act is now fully operational.


The act’s regulations will give guidelines on the issuance and renewal of both registration and practising licences for both local and foreign engineers.