Students from Hartman House Primary School, who have returned from a weeklong cultural exchange programme in Ghana, say the visit gave them a chance to learn about other cultures in Africa and from abroad.

The 39 Grade 7 pupils spent a week in Accra, Ghana on a cultural exchange programme involving 6 other schools, 3 from the United Kingdom and 3 from the host nation.

Some of the students said the exchange programme gave them a chance to understand other cultures and to appreciate the importance of preserving one’s own culture.
“It was an eye opening experience, there is a lot that we learnt about the importance of preserving one’s culture,” said one pupil.

A teacher who led the delegation to the West African nation, Mr Stuart Meda said the pupils had a chance to take part in lessons in Asante Twi, one of the local languages of Ghana, and participated in the traditional Apatampa dance before visiting some heritage sites.

“The pupils’ presentation of poetry and traditional dance were wonderful. The other schools were impressed by the ‘Mchongoyo dance,’ which we performed everywhere we went,” said Mr Meda.

The cultural exchange programme was an initiative of parents whose children learn at Hartman House and was held in collaboration with the Jesuits Schools of Accra.