Using materials from the dumpsite, a student from Mutare Polytechnic has made an attractive ‘avant-garde’ dress

‘Avant-garde’ means art that is innovatory, introducing or exploring new forms or subject matter.

Although the term was originally applied to innovative approaches to art making in the 19th and early 20th centuries, it is applicable to all art that pushes the boundaries of ideas and creativity, and is still used today to describe art that is radical or reflects originality of vision.

By simply using bottle tops and cans, Kudzai Nyangani was able to make an eye catching avant-garde dress

“I made this dress using empty cans, that what we call recycling is what I did,” Nyangani said.

The clothing and textile design lecturer at the college Ivy Mbutsa said the notion of the avant-garde enshrines the idea that art should be judged primarily on the quality and originality of the artist’s vision and ideas.

“This shows the originality of the student as you can see here we have a cloth inside to enable one to wear but outside they are bottle tops,” she said.

Avant-garde is for inspirational design purposes as one can use the design to make their own dress using different fabric that can be worn at fashion shows.