More than 30 homesteads in Insiza South constituency have been destroyed by strong winds and rains experienced early this week leaving some families in desperate need of shelter.

The marks of destruction are still visible and the events of what transpired on the fateful day are still vivid in the minds of the victims.

Villagers in Ward 2 Mahome area in Mahole said what started as a normal day turned into a nightmare as rains accompanied by strong winds blew away roof sheets, completely destroying homesteads and damaging household furniture.

The victims said their fears are compounded by the thought of the situation getting worse once the rainy season sets in.

Insiza Rural District Council chairman, Cde Daniel Mpofu revealed the damage affected six wards in Insiza South constituency and made an appeal for assistance.

Meanwhile, several homesteads and schools have also been destroyed by strong winds and rains in Beitbridge district.

Areas affected include Chafutshe, Masulungane, Madzive and Chabeda.

Across the Limpopo in South Africa massive storms that ravaged most areas in Durban have also been reported.