miners 2 11-10-10.jpgWorking habits can be used to define any country’s economic status.


The progress and prosperity that drives economies and the ultimate social well-being of any nation’s citizens is modelled along that economy’s workforce and its work ethics.

In face of global challenges where production has become a round the clock pre-requisite, Zimbabwe’s industry is under great pressure to conform if the country is to redefine its economic parameters.

As the world marvels at what has been dubbed China’s Economic Miracle by the World Bank, little has been said about how important the issue of a round the clock working culture contributed to the Asian nation’s economic fortunes.

It is a similar case with Japan and other Asian economies which have seen phenomenon economic growth in the last few decades.

Stakeholders in Zimbabwe’s industry say there is need to emulate such labour practices if the country is to claim significant economic progress.

As the country contends with how to raise its economic bar beyond ordinary and probably draw a blue print from Asian economies that run round the clock, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr. Xin Shunkang says there is need for concerted efforts where every citizen feels that he or she must contribute through striving to work beyond the normal.

Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe president, Mr. Phillip Chiyangwa says there is need for Zimbabweans to stretch beyond what has been defined by society as normal working hours.

With the current poor service delivery being experienced at the local tobacco auction floors, the public outcry is that there is no need for the auction floors which are of national strategic importance to conduct the 8am to 4pm business.
There is consensus that business cannot afford losing opportunities just because the people are sleeping.

This season’s tobacco marketing season will certainly cement calls that if Zimbabwe is to be counted one day as a significant player on the global stage, there is need to redefine what is regarded as working hours.

The news that China is set to overtake the US as the biggest economy on the globe by 2030 should be taken by Zimbabweans with not only admiration, but envy since the Asian giant achieves most of these milestones while Zimbabweans are enjoying their sleep.