In a rare moment testifying an act of true responsibility, street fathers and kids in Harare today joined hands for a clean-up exercise that left many passersby amazed.

They are often accused as littering and polluting the city environs but in a show of absolute responsibility, street fathers and kids shocked the city as they went for a cleanup exercise at Karigomombe Centre.

“We are not as bad as you think and we are here sometimes because of circumstances beyond us,” such was the message from one street father.

The street dwellers said they got encouragement from their now trusted friend, Billary Mutodzaniswa, the man took over the burial costs of one street father last month.

A firm believer in giving every man a second chance, Mutodzaniswa said the exercise was meant to appeal to society that even those living in the streets are worth of our attention.

“The goal is to re-integrate the children into society, which is a process and such initiatives are ideal to bring about trust,” he said.

The Good Samaritan has befriended the street dwellers and is also known for helping them with food.