lions.jpgParks and Wildlife Management Authority officials have maintained their presence in the community around the Lion and Cheater Park, following rumours that four lions had escaped.

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Public Relations Manager, Ms Caroline Washayamoyo allayed such fears saying there have never been reports to that effect.

“We have sent animal control teams in the area but there have not found any lion outside the park. The teams also help in counting the number of lions in the park and the information we have is that all lions are in the park,” she said. 

Lion and Cheetah Park General Manager, Mr Anthony Newall said there are no missing lions in the park, adding that counting is done every day and under tight security.

“We have in place tight security for the animals because we know how dangerous lions can be if they escape. We have also embarked on a refurbishment programme to improve our services,” he said.

The Lion and Cheetah Park is home to 47 lions, impalas, wild beasts, crocodiles, a big tortoise which is 300 years old as well as hundreds of species of other animals and birds.

More than 500 schools are said to visit the park every year on educational trips as well as other people from within the country and abroad.