lions.jpgA stray lion is terrorising villagers and animals for about five days now in Moyo Weshumba area and has recently killed a cow prompting villagers to appeal to authorities to come to their rescue as a matter of urgency.

Villagers in Chipinge’s Moyo Weshumba area are living in abject fear for five days now as a stray lion is roaming the village since last Friday with the latest causality being a cow.

The villagers say due to patches of space with less tress in the area, they are subjected to the horror of seeing the lion moving around during the broad daylight making any movement, especially at night a high risk.

Sekuru James Mabhonga, whose cow was killed by the rogue lion, says cattle kraals are now the hunting ground of the lion that has been on the loose for many days now, adding that even baboons have moved out of the area after the arrival of the king of the jungle while equally terrified villagers gave their accounts.

“I was told that my cow has been killed by a lion which left part of the meat. It moves out of the forest to hunt and goes into hiding. Even baboons ran away from the area following the arrival of the lion. We are seeing the lion every day since Friday,” said Sekuru Mabhonga.

The villagers, however, say they fear that more livestock and even human life will be lost if no urgent measures are taken to capture or kill the marauding lion with some saying they are disappointed by the slow response to deal with the dangerous situation.

Cases of stray animals in Chipinge and Chimanimani are common, exerting more pressure on conservancy owners to increase animal security systems to avoid human wildlife conflict.