A 61-year old Chibuwe man died after a wildlife attack this Monday as human wildlife conflict escalates.

Livestock and fields have also been ravaged by the stray animals.

For 19 years, the Chibuwe community has been living in fear of wildlife attacks owing to vandalism of the electric fence that separates the community and Save Conservancy.

Tragedy hit the community on New Year’s Eve as 61 year old Sekuru Wilson Mahupani Mapakame who was herding cattle near Save Conservancy was attacked and killed by an elephant.

Samuel Mudini who was in the vicinity narrated what he thought might have transpired during the attack.

“We rushed to the scene of attack after we heard the noise of the elephant were Mapakame was herding his cattle. There was evidence of the wild beast having ran after the deceased before killing him,” said Mudini.

A life lost, highlighting the need for unified approach to the matter.

In the wake of the vandalised barricades, the villagers are now appealing to authorities to re-fence the conservancy so that their lives, plants and livestock are safeguarded.

“We urge government to intervene on the impasse between the conservancy and community on the need to ensure that wild animals are not left to roam in the villages living their habitats,” said Laison Mabhengere, the Village Head.

Contacted for comment, local legislator Retired Colonel Joshua Murire says human wildlife conflict is now a big problem as last year alone the community lost over 30 cattle to lions that stray into residential areas while elephants and other wild animals are ravaging fields.

The latest incident comes when two other lives were lost after being attacked by buffaloes.