There was pandemonium near Mbare Musika Bus Terminus this Friday morning as residents jostled to catch a glimpse of a jackal that had been killed after it emerged from the nearby Matapi Flats.

Residents allege the jackal was spotted strolling along the corridors of Matapi Flats’ Block 9.

Having been disturbed, it is reported that the animal bolted out towards Mbare Musika while residents gave chase.

The jackal was later killed and dumped near Mbare Musika.

When ZBC News visited the high density suburb, business had temporarily come to a standstill as people jostled to catch a glimpse of the strange visitor.

“The jackal bolted out of Block 9, with residents giving chase and it was eventually hit by a brick and died,” said one eyewitness.


With no forest or a game park nearby where the jackal could have been staying, some residents gave different theories and could not rule out witchcraft.

Early last year, a monitor lizard (Mupurwa in the Shona language) was found at a vendor’s stall at Mupedzanhamo market in Mbare.