kimberly float.jpgWar Veterans have added their voices to the denunciation of attempts by the country’s detractors in politicising the diamond issue and have called on for effective exploration of the resource for the benefit of the general populace.


The denunciation by war veterans follow continued attempts by the country’s detractors to derail progress made in the utilisation of the diamond resource as well as the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.


War veterans who spoke to ZBC News said Zimbabwe has the right to utilise its resource to the benefit of the country and denounced attempts to politicise the country’s diamond mining as counter productive.


The war veterans commended efforts by Mbada and Carnadile Diamond Mining Venture partnerships in formalising diamond mining in Chiadzwa.


It is envisaged that the maximum exploration of the country’s diamond resource has the capacity to speed the economic recovery process.


The discovery of the precious stones has seen growing attempts by the country’s detractors to have the diamonds banned.


However, the country has made huge strides in meeting the KPCS set standards in diamond mining.