The government has urged the media to be responsible by focusing on the country’s development agenda as opposed to concentrating on socialites who give the false impression that success can be achieved over night.

The advent of the social media has resulted in the sprouting of socialites who sometimes flaunt their ill-gotten wealth, with the media also accused of celebrating such individuals without questioning their way of doing business.

Officiating at the launch of the Matabeleland Development Initiative Trust in Bulawayo, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Cde Terrence Mukupe said success requires hard work and as such, the media should focus on assisting the government to develop the country as opposed to spend time on socialites.

“What we want are real and astute business people being celebrated. We have a generation of people who think you can become a millionaire in a short space of time after venturing into business. That is not how things work, let us change our mindset. Journalists should touch on real issues. We have a company like Merline which needs between $5 million and $10 million for retooling, which can ultimately result in the company making $3 million per year…….,” he said.

An economist and leader of the Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA), Dr Nkosana Moyo said the Matabeleland region should maximise on marketing its competitive advantage to the world and urged the central bank to engage neighboring countries so that they come up with a package that can market the region as a whole.

“We should look at areas where we fare better than the rest of the country. Be it on cattle, our tourism products and focus on developing that. We need to develop the infrastructure that links the region to the rest of the country if we are to attract investment. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) should also negotiate with the neighboring countries like Mozambique and Zambia so that we market the whole region as opposed to going it alone,” he said.

The Matabeleland Development Initiative Trust is a body set to come up with initiatives to market the region as a safe destination for investment in line with the government’s Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra.