Zimbabwe has some of the best sculptors as witnessed by a hundred of exhibitions hosted by local artists internationally.

One of the visual artists 55 year old Kingston Runyanga from St Mary’s Chitungwiza in Harare testifies of the country’s leading position in terms of sculpting.

Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe is still the leading method of expressing as it commemorates both historical figures and events.

It is an ever-expanding art form that is constantly evolving and redefining itself.

Through his experience, visual artist Rushanga uses opal stone from Chiweshe to make ornamental sculptures that depicts totems and social ills.

He is also into artworks that depict different types of animals and human figures.

A number of local sculptors derive their works from the Shona word “dzimbadzamabwe” which means “house of stone”.

They then take pride in the country where large deposits of sculpting stone are found.

Therefore, Great Zimbabwe a world heritage site is a testimony to the skill and artistry by a number of today’s sculptors.

Zimbabwe has produced some of the world’s best sculptors and a good number of them have exhibited in such countries as Australia, Belgium, Holland, Germany and America.