Under fire steel maker, Steel Brands has engaged  the services of an environmental  consultant for an environmental impact assessment as bitter residents continue to demand concrete actions given the health risks posed by the heavy emissions from the company.

An urgent meeting was convened as Houghton Park residents, an environmental consultancy agency and Steel Brands officials sought to find common ground on the pollution saga.

The meeting meant to solicit concerned parties views was part of the consultancy’s consultation work with a final report expected to be presented to the relevant authorities.

While some of the participants at the meeting opposed a complete shutdown of the plant given the potential economic benefits other residents said there should be concrete actions taken to stop the pollution given the health risks.

The environmental consultancy firm representative Mr Takunda Hove said the general sentiments coming from the meeting is that the investment can continue with corrective measures being taken.

Meanwhile, Steel Brands marketing executive Mr Rodwell Makuni said the company has since begun the process of minimising the pollution with the installation of a glit arrestor.

The steel manufacturing plant located in Adbernie, Harare has been at the centre of the standoff between residents and the investors.

Residents have raised a red flag on the heavy emissions with some complaining about the rise in respiratory diseases.